1 Overall Job Purpose

1.1 Responsible for executing the scope of work of the Quality Control and Assurance department, focusing on the Integrity Management Process controlled by MODEC, as well as the management and qualification of subcontractors working with MODEC, covering manufacturing, installation, receipt and management of the process, including construction, commissioning and decommissioning when requested.

2 Main Responsibilities

2.1 Support MOSEN corporate annual budget planning (expenses and investments), providing information on workforce planning and on resource, service and material needs for the QAQC coordination.

2.2 Contribute to continuous improvement of IMS by following up and filling in projects status and updating and monitoring the implementation of IMS Documents under QAQC coordination and maintaining the equipment master list updated.

2.3 Contribute the alignment of the employees with Company Objectives, Policies, Procedures and integration with Clients, Community, Suppliers and MOSEN Executive Team, providing technical guidance.

2.4 Contribute to the quality of processes related to reliability, integrity, and their execution, developing, controlling, and validating KPI’s and management reports.

2.5 Participate in risk analysis workshops and safety reviews to contribute with QAQC expertise and support the Operations team.

2.6 Ensure the Operation Reliability and its performance, regarding to the Inspection Test Plan and guidelines of the QAQC department, by controlling the execution, guaranteeing the information traceability, monitoring results, performing proper root cause assessments, and providing technical review/recommendation and required resource if needed.

2.7 Ensure the attendance of the maintenance policies and equipment and services inspections, regarding the Reliability Engineering, managing and applying the guidelines from the Technical management.

2.8 Ensure the compliance with the sector regulation and MODEC guidelines, by developing the inspections plan and monitoring strategic plans within the QAQC department scope, focusing on Operation’s needs, as well as monitoring the KPI’s and actions plans.

2.9 Contribute to the effectiveness of process safety barriers to maintain the facility's operation within ALARP level by monitoring and managing its KPI's and providing technical recommendations if necessary.

2.10 Monitor, support, and evaluate the development of technical recommendations or actions plans to meet the Operations needs and feedbacks of the Technical management, Fleet maintenance support, subcontractors, and Operations areas.

2.11 Contribute to the management of supplier contracts (technical specification, management & cost control) to ensure budget and contract compliance within QAQC department scope by defining a clear scope of work and verifying its execution.

2.12 Occasional embarkations on the vessels might be required for these activities.

2.13 Support the operation, maintenance and integrity team, planning employee embarks on the vessels for emergency response.

2.14 Support the organization in the external and internal audits providing the necessary clarifications regarding the integrity management system and the required evidence related to the controlled equipment.

2.15 Establish and define all equipment and instruments to be used by the inspectors. These must be monitored, preserved, maintained, controlled and, if applicable, calibrated with its certificate.

2.16 Contribute to the implementation and management of the QAQC Management System to guarantee that best strategies and practices are been applied, by supporting all the stakeholders at usage and providing access to them; by requesting support from the system's developers to improve the system and guaranteeing the correct implementation of the changes; and by guaranteeing that all procedures are implemented.

2.17 Share Knowledge on the application of the international standards and codes as well as regulatory standards such as ASTM, ASME, AWS, API, ISO, ABS, DNV, etc.

3 HSSE Requirements and Code of Conduct

3.1 HSSE: Act in compliance with the corporate HSSEQ Management System Policy, the MODEC Life Saving Rules, and the policies, guides, process standards and work instructions available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

Act to promote the preservation of the environment, the health and occupational safety (personnel and their team), the safety of processes, and the preservation of assets in their scale of responsibility.

3.2 Ethics and Compliance: In compliance with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, as well as with MODEC Group Ethics and Compliance Policies and Local Procedures, their respective forms, online and face-to-face mandatory trainings: is committed to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and obligations and act in accordance with the highest ethical standards and with MODEC values.

3.3 Emergency Plan: As per indication on the Training Matrix, Emergency Management Guide and Offshore Emergency Management, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

4 Financial and Operational Dimensions / Impact and Decision-making Authority

4.1 Complies with Authorization Matrix Procedure, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

5 Work Relationships

5.1 As per indication on the Organizational Chart, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

6 Job Challenges and Problem Solving

6.1 Perform spot checks on board the Offshore Units and onshore workshops to audit and follow up on some inspections and testing, specially where it is required training in confined spaces and work at height, due to its impact in case of failure that can directly affect MOSEN reputation and safety of employees, processes, and assets.

6.2 Strive for continuous improvement of processes by guaranteeing that each process has a standard procedure to be followed and internally audited (fabrication process, etc.) due to lack of automated activities and high volume of time spent in operational tasks.

7 Qualifications & Experience

7.1 Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree of Engineering is required (Mechanical, Naval, Metallurgical or Material preferred). Quality Management Post Graduation is a competitive edge.

Post-Graduation, MBA or equivalent is expected.

7.2 Certifications:

As per educational qualification.

7.3 Trainings: Complies with the Training Matrix and Regulatory and Required by Modec Training Management Procedure, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

7.4 Relevant Experience:

Engineer JR/FULL: minimum 2/4 years of overall experience is expected. Previous experience in Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas area is a competitive edge. Previous experience in integrity management, implementation / maintenance of ISO certificates, and failures analysis is a competitive edge.

Engineer SR: minimum 7 years of overall experience is expected. Previous experience in Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas area is expected. Previous experience in integrity management, implementation / maintenance of ISO certificates, and failures analysis is a competitive edge.

Specialist Engineer: minimum 10 years of overall experience is expected. Previous experience in Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas area is expected. Previous experience in integrity management, implementation / maintenance of ISO certificates, and failures analysis is a competitive edge.

7.6 Languages:

Fluent English is required. French is expected

7.7 Software:

Intermediate Microsoft Office package knowledge is required. Basic CMMS systems knowledge is expected (SAP preferred). Basic Power BI knowledge is a competitive edge. Basic IMS knowledge is a competitive edge.

8 Working Conditions

8.1 Complies with safety and occupational health conditions for the job position. Refer to Environment Risk Prevention Program and Program for Medical Control and Occupational Health), according to the Occupational Health Management Procedure, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).